We are specialized in the production and distribution (also with third party brands) of typical Calabrian products, cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil and typical Calabrian products in oil. Using only natural preservatives. (re)discovering the flavors of excellence Made in Calabria.

- Address: Via Saracinello Ravagnese 89131 (R.C.)

-Cell. and WhatsApp +39 3517730716

The company Calabria Sapori "was born in Reggio di Calabria "in the heart of Magna Graecia". Starting from the tireless passion for an ancient family tradition, it produces and sells products in oil in an artisanal way, as it was once done, without chemical preservatives.
For the production, only natural preservatives (salt and vinegar) and oil are used to isolate the vegetables from the air, so as to block the action of aerobic microorganisms and only glass containers are used.
"Proud of the typical products of excellence of our region, we produce local delights with products of our land, without compromising on the quality of our products.
Excellence is our goal. "
Only traditional methods
The production process has remained faithful to Calabrian tradition and craftsmanship.
Preserving is a real art that requires passion and adequate knowledge, starting with the choice of food, which must be fresh and of excellent quality. To this must be added the choice of processing methods: those used by the Calabria Sapori company are ancient methods inspired by the tradition of the territory, such as drying, salting and preservation in oil.

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